Details of president—elect Joe Biden $1.9 trillion economic rescue

President-elect Joe Biden released key parts of a $1.9 trillion proposal on Thursday evening. Some of his plans include bigger stimulus checks, more aid for the unemployed, additional support for small businesses, and so much more.   Termed as “The American Rescue Plan,” the package augments many of the measures in Congress’s historic $3 trillion coronavirus relief bill from March and in the $900 billion legislation from December, which was scaled back to garner support from Senate Republicans.   He also plans to lay out strategies that would boost the economy, create jobs, tackle th... Read

Exploring the Future of Team-Based Financial Management Systems

In a rapidly evolving financial environment, the role and capabilities of team-based financial management systems are being revolutionized. Emerging technologies are paving the way for innovative approaches to collaborative finance, offering enhanced efficiency, transparency and security. It is becoming increasingly essential to understand these transitions and their implications for businesses worldwide. The future of team-based financial systems beckons promising advancements that will transform how companies manage their finances. As such, this article aims to explore various aspects of th... Read

Investigating the Role of Tourist Taxes in Urban Planning

Urban planning has for a long time been a crucial element in shaping our cities and determining their sustainability. However, an essential factor that often goes unnoticed is the integral role of tourist taxes in this sphere. This article aims to delve into the profound impact tourist taxes make on urban planning. It emphasizes how these levies aid in infrastructural development, public services improvement, and environmental protection. The interplay between tourist taxes and urban planning is a captivating topic, one which reveals the economic strategies that underpin our cities' growth an... Read