Which are the most beautiful countries in Europa ?

Europe is a continent which unquestionably bring together several of the most beautiful countries in the world. Do you want to visit a European  country, especially those that are part of the Schengen area ? However, you don’t know which European country to choose for the next vacation ? Here’s a top 5 of the most beautiful countries in Europe !


Portugal is almost always cited as the most beautiful country in Europe. It is extremely varied country which will appeal to both history buffs and lovers of fiery evenings. You will be charmed by sites such as the Belem district of Lisbon, the castle of the order of Christ, or the Batalha monastery ! Are you planning to go to Portugal  very soon, but you are not from a European country ? You may need an ETIAS authorization. For more information go to https://www.etias-visas.com


Impossible to talk about the most beautiful countries in the world without mentioning France. France is a very romantic country where you can admire all the wonder of nature. This is undoubtedly the reason why many tourist go to there every year. Certain place such as the Place of Versailles or the Eiffel tower are really worth admiring. Between the great castle, the mountains , the vineyards and the beaches, you will be simply dazzled.


Greece is the very center of western civilization. The history of Greece is fascinating and that is why the country welcomes thousands of Greek history and mythology enthusiasts every year. Once in Greece, you can walk in the footsteps of the Greek gods by going to the foot of Mount Olympus.


Italy is a country that makes many people dream. It is still possible to admire many vestiges from Roman civilization. Some cities like Roma and Venice are considered to be the most romantic in the world. You can also take a tour in the countryside, especially in Tuscany.

Other European countries such as Germany, Austria and Iceland are also very beautiful. However, it’s important to specify that all countries in Europe and the world are beautiful, but some simply have more charms than others