What types of Tongue drums should you know about?

Tongue drum is an easy to use musical instrument. Any person could use it and enjoy its many benefits. It is favorable for children and even the elderly. This instrument comes in several types and each of them has its own specific benefits and features. Find out about some of them in the rest of this article.

Metal Sounds Zenko Drum ZEN05 harmony

This Tongue drum is one of the models from the Harmony range. This instrument is very special and versatile. It is quite special because it is possible to play it while standing. Also, it is considered versatile because it is possible to find a scale of C minor and C major with a note in the center C4. This Tongue drum is characterized by an all steel body, a rather ochre color, and not to forget its nine sounding blades. It is a handpan instrument that has good playability and has a rather beautiful appearance.

The Metal Sounds Zenko Drum ZENO04 equinox

This Tongue drum is also made of metal. It basically has 9 very interesting notes. This instrument has a very relaxing property. Its sounds are soft, dazzling. You can enjoy a good moment of happiness, softness, and relaxation with this instrument. The sounds it makes are simply pure. Its advantages are multiple, favorable for the outside and it is also versatile. It should also be noted that it is ideal for meditation. The design of this instrument is very attractive. Just like the previous Tongue drum, this one also has the distinction of being versatile.

The RAV Vast B/H Celtic Minor

The RAV Vast B/H Celtic Minor is an instrument that is considered to be healing. It has 9 important notes. It has a soothing sound and confers unparalleled well-being to the body and mind. Simply put, it has a versatile therapeutic function and is very easy to play. Note also that it can be used by any person.