What specific features does 1xbet have?

The functionality of the 1xbet application is one of the main reasons why it is very popular these days. 1xbet has various features that give you the opportunity to make bets either before or during events. So what are the specific features that 1xbet has? Discover in the rest of this article the various features that 1xbet has.

Live streaming and E-sports betting

The very first feature that the 1xbet application offers you is that it allows you to follow the matches live. Find on 1xbet-1x.com/app/ more information on the specific features offered by the bookmaker. Indeed, all matches are available on this platform. This gives you the opportunity to make your bets while watching the game. It goes without saying that this is a means allowing you to make your analyzes and therefore your choice. You will therefore no longer need to be frozen in front of your television set before being able to follow the match. E-sport, as far as it is concerned, is a type of virtual sport that is gaining more and more importance at the level of this betting platform. Bets on these events are then an exciting alternative to the usual bets. They are available at all times and are as exciting as classic bets.

Betsbuilder and combination bets of the day

Apart from the aroused features, you also have the betting builder which is an E-sports affiliated feature. It helps you build your own bets by adding various selections that 1xbet offers. Eh yes ! You could exceed the limit of the possible with a little luck. For example, you can suggest the virtual confrontation of two football clubs. The other feature of 1xbet that makes it often popular is the fact that it allows you to place different bets simultaneously. With this feature, you have the opportunity to try your luck with different selections and maximize your winnings. This is a very practical application.