What is a DDOS attack?

DDoS attacks are an attempt by a malicious party to overload systems and networks. With malicious requests so that they can no longer serve content. For a website, this means that the site will not load. As for customers, they can't make purchases, view content or log into accounts.

DDOS: its technology

Protection DDOS at the enterprise level, requires many layers of filtration to mitigate attacks. Due to the emergence of new types of attacks using large amounts of bandwidth, there is deployment of large 550 Gbit / s network. Once the attack reaches the network, ACL rules are applied to block some of the malicious traffic at the edge of our network. Then the traffic reaches our cleaning centers where it is filtered according to signatures. These are predefined traffic patterns known to be DDoS attacks, and heuristics which are anomalies in the traffic patterns. The latter can be indicative of a DDoS attack. DDoS technology protects against Layer 3/4 attacks as well as Layer 7 attacks which are much more difficult to detect. The latter target applications and web servers using only a small amount of bandwidth.

The DDOS mitigation process

In the first instance, there is the DDOS attack. A DDoS attack targeting your business is launched using a mixture of the multiple types of attacks available today. In order to make your website or service inaccessible. Afterwards, there is a DDoS mitigation. This DDoS mitigation solution detects and blocks the attack within milliseconds at most. It ensures that your business remains online and without interruption. Finally, there is an expert analysis. The DDoS expert team is available 24/7 to monitor incoming DDoS attacks. They take real-time or on-demand action to customize DDoS protection 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Given the importance of your companies' computer data, it is important to protect it. Use DDOS protections to guarantee your documents.