Three ways to know your packages are safe from viruses

Viruses are small micro-organisms that are invisible to the naked eye. They are responsible for several infectious diseases like coronavirus, hepatitis C, herpes, etc.

 They are very dangerous because of their ease of transmission. A person can get infected by a virus when they come in contact with people carrying the virus or have direct contact with infected surfaces or packages. You can be rest assured about the safety of your packages by:

Checking for Bioguard's trademark logo

Bioguard surfaces usually carry the Bioguard™ logo. It's very important to ensure that all your packages carry the trademark sign, as it shows that they were properly disinfected before shipped to your address.

Just so you know, Bioguard is a company that uses top-notch technology to create disinfectants that are effective against all types of microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc; It even works against the coronavirus.

You can also use the Bioguard technology solution to disinfect the surfaces in your home. Not only is it 100% effective, but it also causes no side effects or allergic reactions.

Ensuring the delivery company follows safety protocols

You should always make sure the delivery company and its personnel handling your package are well versed in safety protocols like disinfecting your product, using face masks, etc.

You can always find out if your company is safety compliant by:

  • Speaking to the management of the delivery company.
  • Checking for the Bioguard™ trademark on your package.
  • Noting if the delivery personal maintains social distancing protocol.

It is extremely important especially as we are currently in a pandemic that has claimed multiple lives.

Disinfecting the packages

Before bringing the package into your home, you should always disinfect its body using disinfectants like Bioguard technology solution. This way, you can be certain that no virus or micro-organisms are gaining entry into your home.