How to Practice Yoga for Two People

Exercise is the best remedy to maintain our physical fitness, which yoga is part of it. If you are bored, or you need to engage yourself with exercise, you can try partner yoga. This is an exercise that join you and your partner together. This article will guide you on the best yoga possess for two people.

Starter Yoga Poses

To practice partner yoga, you need to invite your friends, family or partner to practice it with you. Before you start any exercise you have to warm up your body, what you have to do is to squat, perform arm circles for at least 5 times or till you feel warmed. For more details, click here there are two outstanding yoga poses for starters, the first position is "Yoga Tree pose" what you need to do is to stand next to your partner till both of you reach each other's arms, then press your palm together. After this conduct the other arm to the middle, till you achieve a reclining pose, then push your hands down till you achieve balance between the two of you. After this lift one of your legs to tree position and relax your feet on the adductor make sure you still maintain your pose. Breathe in and out for 5 times and move to the other side. The second position is "Reverse Warrior" you can start this by turning away from your partner, as you breathe in stretch out the outer arm to the front then and breathe out to start turning towards your colleagues till you reach his/her arm. As your hand join together, you should now rest your internal arm on your femur. You can now take a deep breath to search for each other's fingers.

Advanced Yoga Poses

For advanced yoga, the best pose is standing wide-legged fold you can achieve this yoga by standing in front of your partner turning away from him/her about 1foot, then bestride your legs about your shoulder-length. Breathe out and rest towards your knees by relaxing your arms. After this breath in and stretch out your arms to each other, you can hold his/her hand or forearms not the elbow.