How has technology changed our lives over the years?

In today's world, some aspects of life seem simple and effortless. We have done many things that we could not do before. Consider first the technological equipment that has undergone tremendous changes over the years, and then consider the innovations of the past few years.


The most evolutionary device is the telephone. Before 1876, because there were no telephones, no one could meet. Imagine if you were alone in danger, you couldn't make emergency calls. But the telephone was finally made in 1876.
First, using wires, it allowed people to communicate with someone at home without meeting each other. Then in 1973, with the advent of cordless phones and becoming portable, people started using phones outside the home. To find out more about all the technologies that have changed your lives, visit
Think about the difference between using a cell phone for communication between then and now.

Computers and the internet

Computers and the internet are also technologies that are changing our daily lives. For example, in this time of pandemic, we have to stay at home and can't go to school in person, so all students have to learn online using computers and the Internet. But imagine the situation before 1983, when the Internet did not exist. How can I study or have a conference call with our class at home? The Internet allows us to conduct video conferences, work remotely from home, view class notes online, send messages to our friends, call our doctors at home (so we don't spread illness to others), and do many other things at home. Therefore, we can benefit a lot from these technologies that change our lives. In addition to these technologies, there have been many other types that have improved our lives over the years. With the rapid development of technology, imagine what our future life will be like.