Easy steps to creating a website

The Internet is used by millions of people to connect with people and businesses or to search for information and products every day.

For businesses and entrepreneurs, having a website is very important as it will help establish your online presence and connect you with potential customers. With Koddos, everything becomes easier.

Why are websites important?

Websites help connect your business or blog to potential customers from all over the world. When people go on search engines like Google and Bing, they are shown results from different websites.

It's very easy to create a website especially when you use the appropriate tool. It's not necessary to have technical experience or knowledge of coding languages.

How to create a website?

There are four main things you need to create your website. They are:

1) A domain name

A domain name is the name of your website. It is what people type into their browsers to find your website. You should pick a domain name that is: 

  •       Short and simple
  •       Easy to remember
  •       Connected to the theme of your website

After deciding on the name, you will need to register the domain name. You can

registrar for your domain name using Koddos protection. They are reliable, and they offer services that help prevent DDOS attacks from destroying your website.


2) A web hosting service

A web host is where information about your website is stored. It's very important to sign up for a web hosting service that can accommodate your website's needs. Some web hosting services that are reliable and trustworthy are Koddos protection, Bluehost, etc.

3) A web content management system 

A web content management system (CMS) allows you to edit and modify parts of your website. Most web CMS are free to use and don't require technical knowledge to navigate.

4) Content

Your website is nothing if it does not have content. High-quality content that provides guidance and answers to people's needs is what attracts users to websites. You must invest in content to grow your website.