Disadvantages of iPhone

Even if iPhones are sophisticated phones and give many privileges for people who use it, it presents some disadvantages who discourage people to buy it. Below are some inconveniences which don't allow people to buy those beautiful phones.

Apple ecosystem

Apple ecosystem can be very helpful but the problem is the fact once inside it, it can be very hard for people who use it to get out. Apple ecosystem helps you to be easily connected with the devices of apple like MacBook, apple watch, but it not allows you to be connected with others devices. It means that apart from apple devices you can't be able to use other devices. It is a disadvantage because sometimes, it can happen that the devices you need doesn't have nothing with apple. Find out more information about new technology on https://www.trickstoknow.com/

Expensive price

Even if iPhones are attractive and very useful, their prices still expensive. How can a phone cost $1200? Phones can't be so expensive. If it is like this, how would the price of Apple laptop be? This amount can discourage people who want to be modern by buying iPhones. It should be sold for a normal price like the others phones. The price is one of the great disadvantages of iPhones

Less stockage

Despite the fact that iPhones have a great quality and features privileges, the question of files storage, pictures or videos still not satisfying. iPhones do not come with a cart SD, so people are obliged to use only the storage available on this phone. If it is not sufficient for them, they spend enough money into internal storage version. It is an inconvenience of iPhones, because what motivates young people today to buy phones, is to be able to share several pictures on social medias. If iPhones can offer them that it will be depressing.