An early Christmas present.

Every Christmas the story repeats itself: you don't know what to give your family or friends. You don't have the funds to give something expensive. Or even better, you have an idea, but you need an original way to offer your gift to your other half. We have the solution.

A very original gift

To make your little surprise you will need a long string, 24 small paper bags, or 25. A stapler, small colored cardboard boxes, felt pens, glue, and small decorations: stickers, or glitter. Yes, you guessed it, we will make an advent calendar. Don't worry we will give you all the ideas for your advent calendar to make it as special as possible. Now we are going to make the advent calendar you will start to number your little boxes from 1 to 24 or 25 feel free to draw little hearts or little bears around your numbers to brighten up the whole thing. Also, make small drawings on the small paper bags if you have children do not hesitate to put them to contribution, they will be happy to help you to draw. Now it's time to glue the numbers on the bags and staple them around the string. And that's it, your advent calendar is ready! Well, almost ready, now you have to fill it.

What to put in your advent calendar?

You can put whatever you want in it, chocolates or candies or any other delicacy. You can even put little sweet words or quotes that are meant to encourage. Your choices will vary depending on the person you want to give the calendar to. If you want to offer this calendar to your half you can alternate between candies and quotations as well as sweet words and in the last bag of the calendar that is to say the 25th put a perfume as a Christmas gift or if you already had an idea you can put it inside.